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In a few of the epic stories told of our greatest heroes and heroines, they are born of gods and goddesses, groomed for greatness, and are already geared-up with gilded greaves as they walk through the golden gates to adventure. These adventures accelerate progress, allowing players to reach the speed of awesome relatively quickly.

Then, there are adventures that begin in the direst of circumstances, in dank dungeons, or dismal dumps, or the driest deserts with nary a drop to drink. These adventures are harder, but are all the more heartfelt, as they ask the players to do their utmost to even just survive.

Then there's this kind of adventure. Though each member of the party has his or her (or its) back-story, at this point they're all middling adventurers in a high fantasy world. They can hold their own against a squad of goblins, but they're not going to be facing cosmic horrors any time soon.

Conventional? Yes, but that's why it's easy to jump in. 

Boring? Only as much as the players and GM play it out. 

Because you gotta start somewhere.

Main Page

You Gotta Start Somewhere levinedym levinedym